New HSE guides on electrical safety of entertainment equipment.

PAT Testing for Musicians in hampshire and west sussex


PAT Testing for Musicians and Entertainers who perform and use electrical portable appliance equipment, from PA mixing desks to amplifiers, efx pedal boards & extension leads to lighting rigs. Have recently found many music venues now insist that any electrical portable appliances used by musicians/performers whilst on their premises must be able to produce a valid PAT testing certificate.

Two reasons for this requirement;

Businesses, including music venues, have a duty of care to their staff and the general public. Whereas all portable appliance equipment owned & situated in the venue must be tested regularly in line with the testing guidelines. However if a performing artist uses untested portable appliances in a venue then the venue proprietor is not adhering  to the electrical health and safety requirements.

Untested portable appliances may invalidate any insurance covering the venue, the public and the performer. 

For these reasons it has become increasingly common for venues to refuse to allow untested electrical portable appliances on to their premises & be aware that performances have been and are cancelled because of this.

However, having your musical equipment & electric mains leads tested are a quick and relatively inexpensive procedure. Being a musician himself Mark our PAT tester understands the inconvenience of loading and transporting your gigging electrical equipment, so he’ll come to you at a convenient time to yourself and will provide you with a Certificate of testing that you will need to satisfy any venue’s requirements.  Also, if he finds any minor testing faults e.g. incorrect fuses in power plugs, incorrectly wired plugs etc. He’ll rectify where possible and retest at no extra charge.

Whenever possible he will test equipment at short notice, but it’s always better to book your electrical portable appliance equipment tests in advance and don’t wait till a venue cancels your performance!

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has updated two leaflets providing guidance on the use of entertainment equipment.

Separate documents are provided for owners of equipment and those organisations managing entertainment venues.

In each case the updated leaflets provide advice on how the electrical safety risks associated with the use of entertainment equipment can be controlled, with explanations of what actions are required and why. Updated references to legislation and links to further guidance are also provided.

INDG247 is intended as a guidance note for entertainers who use electrical equipment for sound lighting of other effects. A free download is available at:

GS50 Electrical safety at places of entertainment is intended for managers of entertainment venues, and for people who provide facilities for entertainers. A free download is available at: